I'm an amateur photographer/hobbyist, and I have been since 1979 when I borrowed an Argus 35mm from my 2nd cousin. I was an artist wannabee at the time, intending to go to the Art Institute after high school to study cartooning/commercial art. My 3rd cousin, Janice, talked me into the high school photo class -- I had a Kodak 110 snapshot camera at the time (yikes!). I was quite adept with that despite its limitations, but her father's Argus took me to a new level of interest. In many ways it changed my life.

So I graduated high school and bought a Plymouth Volare and a Canon AE-1 Program (a modern marvel at the time), and I took off in my Volare with nothing more than cash, camera, and road maps. My Mom just rolled her eyes. My Dad said, "Betty, let her do what she wants." I had no idea where I was headed until I made the decision on the freeway. I just drove and shot photos, and I learned the skills on my own as I went along.

I was more into landscape/travel early on (and barn photos), but in the early 90s I turned toward Americana/people/things/stuff/happenings. Landscapes and nature has been done so many times over. I think I have a knack for knowing what is interesting and how to compose it. Small historic towns and places like the Eastern Kentucky Appalachians, Arizona mountain towns, urban inner cities, etc., have amazing and unique photo opportunities. In 2003, I went 100% digital. I still use Canon cameras exclusively. I shot most of these photos you see with the original (1st generation) 6.3 MP digital Rebel. Why? I believe your photo products are 90% you and 10% the camera. If you can't compose and see things that others want to see through your lens, all the fancy equipment in the world will serve you no purpose. In late 2010, I moved up to a new Canon Xsi, and now I've moved on to a 70D. I also carry a Canon point-and-shoot or my Samsung Galaxy when it is not practical to carry my larger camera and equipment.

Unfortunately, most of my best photos are from my pre-digitial days when I was shooting 35mm, so they are not included on this site. Having those negatives scanned and loading them digitally is a process that might take years.

I still have a Canon EOS Elan 35 mm that I just can't let go. I sold most of the others, except I kept an old Ricoh and an Argus. I want nothing more to do with shooting 35mm because of the (in)convenience factor.

This site is a work-in-process, so, keeping that in mind, enjoy and share.
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